Elevator PCB Repair Services and Turn-A-round

The ability to test, accurately identify the cause of failures and then repair a PCB is essential for the long term support and reliability of your electronic systems.
Thorough test of a PCB and accurate fault finding is key to our success – and yours!

Elevator PCB Repair Services & Instructions

In our state-of-the-art lab we can test the operation of almost every board we repair in real equipment racks or in simulated test stations to guarantee your board will work properly when returned to you. Boards we repair have a hundred and eighty Days warranty. Bring your board in and drop it off or send it to us via a parcel carrier to have it repaired today. If your damaged board has caused you to shutdown an elevator, we offer rush services. Let us know you need a rush on your order and we will give your board the highest priority.


• Some services are subject to component availability.
• Please enclose your company name, address, phone number, name of the person to contact, and ship-to address.
• Please enclose a purchase order number (PO#).
• You DO NOT need an RMA # to send in a repair.
• All repairs include the standard 180-Day Warranty unless otherwise noted.
• A short description of the problem is always helpful to our technicians.
• If you would like an estimate before authorizing a repair, please state so. A technician will call with an estimate based on a preliminary evaluation of your repair.
• Less re-work and this can improve the reliability of the PCB
• Fewer ‘No fault Found’ (NFF) scenarios meaning lower inventory levels
• Faster repair cycles for better asset availability
• Less reliance on 3rd party organizations
• Learn more about the TONGLING range of products and how they can help you by contacting us today.

We can repair the printed circuit board of the following elevator brands:


Which parts can be repaired?

Main board, Driver board, Interface board, Communication board,Door motor board, Display board Inverter, and so on.

The TONGLING Printed Circuit Board Program will save you time and money. When calling in for a PC board, please provide our representatives with the assembly (Assy#) number off the board.

The Repair Program

Our account representatives will provide a price to repair your PC board and a return authorization (RMA) number for tracking purposes. You send us your board, we repair it and send it back to you (in as little as 24 hours). If your board can be repaired, it will be fixed for the quoted price–with no added material or labor charges. This is normally the lowest cost option for you.

The Exchange Program

The PC board exchange program gets you the board you need without having to wait for the repair. Just call us and ask for a board exchange. If the board requested is in the exchange program then we will send you a repaired board and issue you a return authorization (RMA) number. You have up to 10 days to send in your old board, before a supplemental invoice is issued for the remainder of the purchase price. Exchange RA’s can only be issued for boards that are in repairable condition. This option provides fast delivery at a low price.

Board Purchase Program

Buying a board outright is your third option and we have thousands available. Call us with a board assembly number and we will provide you with price and availability. Use this option if your board is beyond repair or when you don’t have one to exchange. (Purchased boards can only be returned for warranty repairs.)

Please contact me for a no obligation discussion on PCB repair