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NINGBO TONGLING ELEVATOR LIMITED locates in Ningbo,China. We have devote ourselves efforts on Elevator Parts & Escalator Parts over 15 years.

Our Product: Inverter, Encoder, Traction Sheave, Power Supply, Controller, Speed limit, Brake Coil, IGBT, Guide Rail, Wirerope, Wheel Door Motor, Door Knife, Door Vane, Door Coupler, Door Locker, Door Contactor, Curtain Light, Door Shoe, Door Slider, Key Switch, Sensor, Relay, Fan, Emergency Power, LED Lamp, Counter, Guide Shoe Busher PCBs, Drive Board, Main Board, Door Motor Board, Display Board, Power Supply Board, Overload Board, Elevator Hall & Car Parts: HOP, COP, Car Button, Hall Button, Arrival Gong, Push Button, Lift Button. Comb, Handrail, Drive Chain, Newel Chain, Demarcation Strip, Step Yellow Edge Hanger Roller, Step Roller, High Speed Guide Roller, Door Lock Roller, Landing Door Roller, Test Tool, Service Tool.
Brands: Mitsubshi, Shanghai Mitsubshi, Kone, Thyssenkrupp, Otis, Xizi Otis, Toshiba, Fujitec, Hitachi, Hyundai, GiantKONE, Fuji, BLT, STEP, Fermator, Schmersal, SJEC, Selcom, CEDES

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